✦ Taka Tuka Rescue Mission ✦

✦ Taka Tuka Rescue Mission ✦ from Nicola Sangs on Vimeo.

Dear TakaTukarians,we hope that everyone is staying safe, doing well and is getting through these times as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, at the moment we feel confronted with existential difficulties. Long story short: we received a huge fine and had to take down all of the constructions on the Island. That’s why as of today, we are launching our Taka Tuka rescue mission to save our beloved Taka Tuka!What can you do?Go check out our GoGetFunding for detailed information on our current situation and please donate –> here: https://gogetfunding.com/takatuka/Also spread the word by liking, commenting and sharing the message. ❤To remind you of the sparkling magic of Taka Tuka, we will host weekly Sunday Brunches with some of our favourite Taka Tuka Resident Djs over the course of the next 5 Weeks. Thank you for your support and hopefully see you all very soon! Love & Lighthouse,your Taka Tuka Natives

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